A piece of Bavaria –
in the middle of Bremen

A piece of Bavaria –
in the middle of Bremen

Leisure tips in our beautiful Hanseatic city of Bremen and the surrounding area


At Universum Bremen, you will embark on an extraordinary discovery tour into the world of science. Here you can stop lightning, confuse your senses and outwit gravity. Experience hands-on knowledge – for young and old! Marvel at real robots, traverse a tactile gallery in complete darkness and feel earthquakes on your own body.

The botanika is the gateway to Asia and the tropics. Embark on an exciting adventure tour and discover unique treasures of nature and culture. Enjoy the atmosphere in the Japanese Garden, roam through the cloud forests of Borneo and explore the mountain worlds of the Himalayas. Soak up the rainforest atmosphere in the Tropical House, marvel at the butterfly diversity and make friends with our Little Apes. In the Discovery Center, you can explore plant phenomena and learn more about the interplay between nature, humans and science.
Diversity for all senses. Always different, always new.

Hal över
Sightseeing and excursion destinations in and around Bremen. Explore Bremen and the surrounding area with Hal över. Because from the water you get a very special view of the city and its surroundings. Hal över offers both short trips and trips for extended discovery tours. Take off for a harbor cruise, or visit one of the surrounding cities like Verden or Oldenburg. Even to the enclave of the city to Bremerhaven Hal över`s ships go.

Guided tours by STATT Reisen and WFB Bremen
Explore the different sides of Bremen on a city tour – whether on a classic tour around the market square with the town hall, Roland and the Town Musicians or on a leisurely ride on the Town Musicians Express. Experience a culinary tour with typical Bremen specialties, learn interesting facts during a factory tour and then take an evening tour with the night watchman – the offer is as diverse as the city itself.

The Bremen Story House
The Bremen Story House in the Schnoor is a “living” museum. As part of qualification and employment measures, unemployed people portray historical events and personalities of Bremen life in historical settings from the mid-17th century to the 20th century. In self-made original costumes, they accompany and guide visitors through the exhibition, telling Bremen’s history and stories.


Auswanderer Haus
In the exhibition on over 300 years of the history of emigration and immigration, you can expect touching biographies that accompany you on your visit via multimedia, fascinating exhibition spaces that lay a trail into the past, exciting collection items that bring together personal memories and the big story, and interactive, digital thinking spaces that invite you to empathize, think and discuss. Discover what moves people!

THE CLIMATE HOUSE TAKES YOU AROUND THE WORLD. The Klimahaus is a unique world of knowledge and experience on the topics of climate, climate change and weather and a global pioneer as a climate experience world. Along the 8th degree of longitude you go on a journey around the world and experience the climate zones of the earth in an exciting and impressive way. You will cross five continents and nine locations. You will sweat, freeze, marvel and laugh – and above all meet people from all over the world who will tell you about their everyday lives and how the prevailing climate affects their lives.